Friday, June 29, 2012

The righty response about the Supreme Court

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, thanks to conservatives, was ruled constitutional. 
Whether liberal or conservative, it is agreeable that the cost of health care was/is out of control for too many people in this country.  Too many folks are losing their homes and everything else just to see a doctor.  How can the health care system be fixed?  President Obama campaigned on fixing the health care system...getting universal health care passed.  This was no surprise...even though some were shocked by it.  Universal health care is alive and well in other countries around the globe.  BUT President Obama went to the state of Massachusetts to model Obamacare after something that was passed by Governor Willard Mitt Romney.  Yep.  THAT Mitt Romney, the guy Obama will face this fall in the election.  Yep.  THAT Romneycare, the stuff that led to heavy criticism from the Rick Santorum.

So with Romneycare as the model for Obamacare, I saw the Supreme Court decision as a no-win for Republicans.  If the high court ruled in favor of ACA (which they did), it's a win for the president.  If the high court ruled against it, the original architect of the health care law, Mitt Romney, and the state of Massachusetts loses.  Knowing this, as soon as Mitt Romney had his jeans cuffed and pressed, he stepped to the mic and offered up this reaction...

It's NOT good policy?  If Mitt can say that, how different is it from his own health care plan for his home state?  Differentiating Obamacare from Romneycare will be a stumbling block for the out of touch candidate with multiple homes, many cars, and several overseas bank accounts as he battles the incumbent this fall.

Reaction from folks on Facebook, especially conservatives, has been hilarious. 
Below are real posts from friends.  Here are two of my favorites....Enjoy. 

"It should be illegal to enact a law that is over 2000 pages long..... ;)"

****My comment:  I know.  Crazy, right.  That's too much reading.  Echoing the criticism of Mitt Romney from the debate.  The law is too long.  2,000 pages!  Sure it's not 50 Shades of Grey but come on, it's the written law for universal health care for the country!  I had to reprogram my Universal Remote last night for my DVD player.  The English part of the directions for the remote is SEVEN PAGES LONG!!!!!  Holy crap.  That's ridiculous.  (sarcasm on the "ridiculous" part...but the remote instructions truly are seven pages) 

"Today the Supreme Court took away one of our most cherished liberties... Doctor patient relationship. Now a government worker can decide if a procedure can be done not the doctor/patient. And we're to believe adding 30 million uninsured people ( half of which aren't even citizens) and making pay equal for doctors that the quality and quantity wil not drop! BULL !!!!"

****My comment:  
I don't know about this one.  Where exactly in the Constitution does it say the doctor/patient relationship is a liberty?  Oh no!  A government worker will decide if a procedure can be done and not the doctor/patient?!  Come on.  Let's be real.  No one can force you to undergo any procedure against your will.  It's not a like a mysterious Man In Black will come in and give you a prostate exam or ask you to turn your head and cough.  This is typical over the top fear-mongering from the right.  Remember Sarah Palin and her threat of "death panels"?????
And lastly, I have to add that I have another conservative friend on Facebook who said her husband doesn't have health insurance and they have to pay cash for everything...but they get a discount because of that.  As my friend wrote, "If he gets seriously sick, we'll figure it out. But I'm pissed that I'm going to have to pay that stupid "tax" because he doesn't have insurance."  Let's a tax or lose everything.  Hmmmmmmmm...I'll pay the tax.  Obviously, my friend doesn't understand that the ACA was meant for cases like this.  This is one of those deals where you have to swallow your political pride and accept the fact that a "liberal" idea will help. 
As Mitt Romney has said, if elected, he will begin the steps to appeal Obamacare on Day One.  As far as what his proposed alternative is, that's unknown.