Saturday, February 4, 2012

Facebook and dating

I grew up well before Facebook and often wonder how have people become so dependent on social media now. Since I have been divorced almost four years ago, I have been out on quite a few dates. There seems to be a trend of "friending" someone on Facebook before I go out with them as a way for that person to check me out before we go out on a date. At first, I didn't mind this...but recently, I have changed my mind. I have found that people will often post only "their best side" on their Facebook page so you don't really get a true sense of who they are. Or a couple times, the person I went out with was very different online as compared to who they were in real life. Whatever happened to just getting to know someone first?

My biggest pet peeve with "friending" someone on Facebook is simply the word "friend." To me, that word still holds value. It isn't cheapened because of an online presence. I can honestly say that the friends I have on Facebook are people I have gotten to know fairly well and have interacted with at some point. I have had friend requests from people I had a 30 minute meeting with a year ago and sure enough, I'll get a strange look or a question like "aren't we (Facebook) friends?" I consider my Facebook page a private look into my life. I don't accept everybody I come in contact with to have that access. But it seems that people believe that they should have that kind of access.

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