Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The BIG 4-0

So, here I am with a little more than a week left of the 30s. I am definitely thinking more about hitting 40 than what I did when I hit 30. 40 is middle aged. The 30s decade was a crazy one. I worked four jobs with hopefully, the one I'm at...being the one I can stay at the longest. I also started work on a Ph.D....first at Kent State and then on to BG to finish up some day.

I was married for four years and divorced. Enough said.

I'm just happy to be physically and mentally healthy. I wish I had the energy I had when I was younger but I still stay active enough to not become a total slob as I hit 40.

If you are over 40, please leave me some advice for hitting 40 and moving beyond. Also, how did you feel when you hit 40? Was it a big deal?