Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things on my mind as I go through school.

Let me first apologize for writing about my doctoral program experience. I know not everyone can get into this but there are a lot of lessons that apply to areas outside of school.

First, my adviser, Dr. Ewart Skinner, said to me, "Think of the" In other words, what I do now has a direct bearing on what happens when I graduate and look for jobs if I want to move around or even stay at Toledo. In terms of what I am doing now, more specifically, he meant the theory I specialize in as well as the research method is something I will carry with me throughout my doctoral student career and then when I apply for jobs or stay at Toledo, I can talk about my areas of specialty.

Second, think about your audience. My research interest is studying how pregnant teens and teen moms identify with pregnancy themes in the media like tv shows and movies. We have seen people blame the media for glamorizing pregnancy and making it more appealing to teens. To me, this has practical applications. I want to talk to teens about the media's impact. Once my research is completed, I want people, especially teens, to read it. In my opinion, there is a lot of academic research that seems to float in this cloud above people that only academic types read. I don't see the point in doing research if it does not benefit people in some way. So, to shorten up my point, basically, who is the audience? Who will read or hear your research? How will it impact them?

Lastly, you are constantly making an impression on somebody. What I mean by that is no matter what happens, what assignment you have, you are always "interviewing." Someone has their eye on you. The faculty in the Media and Communication Department at BGSU is strong and have published a ton of research articles and have connections. While many are set in where they are, they might get a call from a professor they know at another university asking if they know of someone who they think would make a good hire. I try to keep that in mind. I don't want to be the student who gets spoken of as, "yeah, he tries hard but doesn't seem to give it his all" or "he goes through the motions a lot." Not cool.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Fans' reaction LeBron James.

Ok, so LeBron is going to Miami. LeBron fans and I will call them LeBron fans because from what I have seen on Facebook, many are clueless about basketball and about the Cavs in general. They are bandwagon fans. I want to address the lunacy from statement at a time as a way to show what loons are out there. In quotes are actual Facebook posts followed by my reaction.

"he did what all egocentric punks do...shat on his home and left to take care of himself...I hope he suffers a career ending injury..." This loon wants LeBron to get hurt?!

"He should have let us know beforehand, but then would it really have ben a secret the whole world would have known instantly...he made a good decision, I will still respect him as a player...Im upset he left Cleveland but this is still his home, and I hope people will be adult enough to realize he is allowed to live his own life..." What does or did LeBron owe the fans?

"Would he have made more$$ staying In Cleveland?" Yes, but the Cavs have a crappy team compared to Miami and Chicago.

"Money went to his head." Any true basketball fan has to compare the Cavs' roster against Chicago's and Miami's and see where Bron's best chances are for a title.

"If he wanted to leave - ok. But why treat the fans so poorly?" HOW did he treat fans poorly? He was silent, except for a Larry King interview.

"The thing that bothered me the most was when he said he had no regret about his decision. As I said earlier there is a huge difference between skill and character. LBJ just showed his huge lack of character. Now it's up to our Cavs to prove what a great tean they are." HOW did LeBron show a lack of character?

"it's all about the Benjamins...." HOW? He went to a team for less money. He already has a $100 million contract with Nike, an endorsement deal with Sprite, and several other companies. He has tons of money.

"he showed a total lack of character and a total lack of caring for the 7 years NE Ohio has supported him. What a douche." Again, how did he show a lack of character?

"battery night at the Q!" A sign that there are still people out there playing with less than a full deck.

"Did you notice he's from Akron now? Akron, Akron, Akron." He has ALWAYS said he's from Akron.

"Is it wrong to already be rooting for season ending pre-season injuries?" Again, another person who is 'out there.'

"Belle, Thome, Ramirez, Boozer, and now LeBron.

So much for "Loyalty". = /" What LOYALTY did LeBron owe Cleveland? He was a Cavalier for SEVEN years!

"LeBron is a sellout." How? Why? For going to a team with a better roster?

" F*U* Lebron" Wow. Someone hates a guy this much for bettering his chances to go to a title contender?

Among some of the other unknowledgable stuff posted on Facebook, there was, "He's switching conferences." Uh, no. Only if he signed with the Clippers.

"I am enjoying all the backlash at You would think that the city will now fall into Lake Erie. He's not God, he only thinks he is. One injury and the Miami faithful will regret the signing." Is LeBron totally responsible for having a God complex? Let's see....LeBron didn't suggest a man turn his car into a petition. LBJ didn't suggest there be a flash mob at Tower City. LBJ didn't push for the Appreciation Rally in Akron. LeBron sure as hell didn't ask for the We Are the World remake. He didn't ask for downtown Cleveland to have the word "home" all over the place on the 4th of July. He didn't ask people to grow beards for him either.

One nutcase continuously debated me online that LeBron should have made his announcement in Cleveland. WHAT would have been the point in that? Make the announcement in Cleveland that he is playing for Miami?! That would make no sense.

This is what happens when the media drive a story without putting out facts. Too much "rumor" and "speculation" from "sources" was reported. Seeing the misinformation repeated by fans is alarming. The Cavs by the rules could offer him the max. Regardless of where LeBron is from, the Cavs have absolutely nothing in free agency. That's a fact. LeBron owed the fans and Cleveland nothing. He was here for seven years. He already has huge endoresement deals. This was not entirely about money.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Please go away, LeBron!

Whether he stays in Cleveland or goes elsewhere, I hope LeBron disappears on vacation for awhile. The media have been acting like high school kids passing notes and rumors. Consider this. I get the Record-Courier out of Kent everyday in my e-mail. Twice in the last two days I got "breaking news" alerts about LeBron James. The first one said that "LeBron has a lot to think about after the sales pitches from different teams." YES....that was breaking news. And the other breaking news alert was that there's a RUMOR of a sign and trade deal for Toronto's Chris Bosh. YES, I said that....a RUMOR was reported as "breaking news."

The is LeBron free agency has turned into TMZ silliness at its best.