Friday, April 23, 2010

Food and Memories

I find it oddly fascinating how a restaurant or food can trigger memories. For example, earlier this week, I was hungry and in a hurry. So I went through the drive-through at Arby's and got two little roast beef sandwiches. The sandwiches immediately made me think of my late dad, who passed away last year. He loved Arby's sandwiches.

Another place I went to recently was Boston Market. I think they have really good food there. Here's my issue. I had a close relative who was in a mental institution and I would go visit that relative several times. I would stop at the nearby Boston Market before going to see the relative. So, I developed a correlation between visits to the mental hospital and Boston Market. Even now that I am in Toledo, I still have trouble eating in the restaurant because it makes me think of going to a mental hospital. This time though, I got my food to go because I didn't want to sit in the store.

Dairy Queen is another place that brings back memories. When I worked in TV, I would go to Berea with one of the greatest guys I know. On the way back from Berea on the turnpike, we would stop in Richfield at the Dairy Queen. My friend has a stomach lined with tin. He eats all kinds of stuff that should melt paint off a car. It wouldn't be unusual for my buddy to get a chili dog and a burger at DQ. Anyway, every time we stopped, we had an absolute blast.

There are more food memories. I just had to share the ones I experienced or thought of recently.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


It amazes me the lengths that some people go to-to dismiss serious criminal allegations like sexual abuse. The head of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Benedict, allegedly dragged his feet in dealing with sexual abuse cases when he was Cardinal Ratzinger. More cases are coming forward from the past. The apologies seem hallow.

A close relative of mine who is fanatical about his Catholicism was asked about this whole thing and his response was that the media was "on a witch hunt." He said there are more public school teachers having sex with students than there are priests having sex with kids. Maybe it's me...but I don't see how public school teachers having sex with kids dismisses a high ranking official in the church KNOWING about it and not doing anything about it. Whether or not the media covers the scandal and how intensely it does, does not change whether or not the abuse was right or wrong.