Sunday, August 22, 2010

You never know who you'll run into...

Ok, so here's a story...
I was at Kroger's on Main Street in Bowling Green, on the north end of town. At least I think it's Main Street. This was this past Saturday night. I was on my way to a birthday party. I just filled my gas tank and was waiting to turn left to go south...leaving Kroger's. I'm behind a white Chevy Caprice Classic. All of a sudden, the car puts it in reverse and starts backing up. I can't go anywhere because a car is behind me. I lay on my horn a couple times. The car kept coming and hit me!!!! Didn't seem major but the car hit me enough to get my attention. Of course, the light turns green. The white car turns left. I'm pissed. I follow the car. I'm honking my horn and flashing my lights every other block. The car keeps going. I call BG Police....who are busy with the Tractor Pull. I read off the license plate number and took a picture of the car with my phone. As I'm on the phone with BG Police, I am calling out what direction I am going and what streets I'm passing. Every so often, again, I flashed my lights and honked my horn. I noticed the passenger turned around and looked. I pointed to the side of the road as if to say, "HEY, PULL OVER!" I even yelled that out the window. We were now five miles away from Kroger's. We went by the fairgrounds where the tractor pull was going on. We never went faster than 40 mph. Eventually, I got transfered to the Wood County Sheriff's Department. I followed the car to a little town called Tontogany. Otsego High School is not that far away. We were now about 6 miles from where the "chase" started. The car pulled into a driveway. I parked. The passenger got out. She was a short woman...a little rough around the edges. I said, "You hit my car." She said, "no, we didn't." I said, "Yes, you did....back at Kroger's. We were sitting at the light waiting to turn onto started to back up and I laid on my horn and you hit me." The woman got really nervous and pulled out a cigarette and was shaking. I looked at the front of my car and really couldn't see any major damage. There might have been some scratches in the grill or something but nothing big. Anyway, then, the driver gets out. She's probably in her mid-60s. There's a handicap accessible placard in her rearview mirror. She struggled to make it over to me and the other woman, who as it turned out, was her sister. The driver, was missing teeth and walked (really struggled to walk) with a cane. She didn't know or believed she hit me either. She thought I was tail-gating her. After talking to her and her sister, the driver told me she is homeless. Her car is pretty much the only thing she owns. She has no phone. She lives in a mission in Toledo. She also told me she had been the victim of a break-in and had been robbed recently in Toledo. Her sister lives in a room at the house of a friend we were at parked at. She has a pre-paid phone. Both are looking for work. The driver was overly apologetic and seemed to be getting upset that she hit me and didn't realize it. The sheriff's department told me BG Police would follow up with them when I told them I live in Toledo. However, after hearing how down on their luck both women were, I decided this wasn't worth it. They don't need the trouble. I told them to forget about it. Just then, a Wood County Sheriff's Department officer pulls up. He showed me a message from the BG Police that basically said that again, they would follow up if I wanted to. I told him to forget about it. The ladies thanked me and said I was a very nice guy. I left and went on my way to the birthday party but man, it really taught me a lesson about waiting to judge somebody before I get all the facts. Here I was thinking, "what kind of a-hole hits me and keeps driving?" And then after talking to these two ladies, I found out they were super nice and didn't mean it all. And in the end, I ended up wishing I could have done more to help them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the minority

I must be in the minority by saying I disagree with Steven Slater and his "departure" from JetBlue. Over my life, I have had many bad days at work and at one particular place I worked, YES, I did get as ticked off as Steve but I never would have given my employers the delight in canning me by doing something stupid. I know. I know. Steven quit and was not fired. Big flippin' difference. He would have been canned anyway. Who wants to hire the guy now besides reality tv show directors? Great, the guy will be a pseudo-celebrity like every other D-lister like Kate Gosselin, Octomom, and others.

The New York Post today reported that "Slater's lawyer Howard Turman said his client "wants to return to a normal life" -- adding that he has been in talks with the Queens DA's office since his arrest Monday at Kennedy Airport." BREAKING NEWS: Steven Slater will NEVER be able to have a "normal" life thanks to his emergency slide/beer escapade.

I think the public is jumping to serious conclusions about the innocence of Steven Slater. Again, here's what the Post reported today, "Marjorie Briskin, 53, a schoolteacher from Pittsburgh, said she was deplaning at JFK Airport when Slater and a woman walking in front of her got into a heated conversation over the woman’s luggage.

She said the passenger, who appeared to be in her 20s, asked Slater where her bag was stowed.

Briskin said the seemingly normal conversation turned unexpectedly nasty when Slater blurted out an expletive to the passenger.

"I didn’t think she was rude in the least," said Briskin, who was visiting the city for the first time. "It really blew my mind. It was so inappropriate."

Other passengers have reported that Slater had this cut on his forehead before they took off and he did nothing about it.

I was talking about this at the barber shop today and the barber had a great comment. He said, "you know, if he did that (pull the emergency escape and grab beer) as a passenger, he would be arrested and put in the slammer easily." But as an employee, he's a hero????" Even still, WHY should Steven be considered a hero? What did he do that was so heroic? He didn't go "Sully" and land a plane on the Hudson River?