Saturday, February 27, 2010

How does this happen so much?

How do so many Howard Stern clones and show contributors get on-air?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hockey Hope!

Hopefully, the USA Hockey Team repeats what happened in 1980.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The ME generation

Great series on education in the Detroit Free Press. Ok, so we've identified that this generation of students wants instant gratification, is used to be coddled, and is coddled by the parents. How can we fix this?

Students' attitudes a major obstacle to learning, prof says

What gets Carl Taylor is not what his students don't know; it's that many don't care what they don't know.

The sociology professor at Michigan State University calls it the "normalization of ignorance" -- a culture in which the definitions of reading and writing are what can be texted or Facebooked.

Taylor and others say that for many of today's youths, a Google search counts as heady research. And composition is cut-and-paste.

"They're moving so fast, the only thing that matters is the end," said Taylor, who grew up in Detroit and has spent years researching youth culture.

Too often, these students head to college without the critical-thinking skills, patience and tenacity needed for even entry-level courses. Add to the mix a sense of entitlement -- groomed over the years by parents who feed it and teachers who get tired of fighting it, Taylor said.

"I've always had concerned parents, but in this past decade -- and it gets worse every year -- you get this indignant, pissed-off student, who returns with an indignant, pissed-off parent," he said.

Parents have complained to him about his no-tolerance policy for tardy students and his unwavering deadlines on class assignments. They've demanded changes for their college-age children's grades.

For too many teachers in kindergarten through 12th grades, he said, it's not worth the constant fights with parents, students and administrators to keep working with a below-average student. Rather, it's easier to pass along the problem: "In the end, it's not worth the battle."

Taylor said a senior recently asked for his help in getting a job. When he criticized her cover letter, in which she wrote that she looked forward to "hereing" from her potential boss, she was annoyed.

"The ill-prepared, we can address; the attitude is tougher," he said.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It gets worse for Edwards.

And the magnitude of how big of a turd John Edwards is continues to grow. How this clown vehemently denied he was having an affair and denied he fathered a child for so long shows how low he will sink.

PITTSBORO, N.C. (AP) — A former aide to John Edwards says in court documents that a copy of a sex tape featuring his former boss has been sent to the FBI.

Andrew Young said Friday he has the original copy of the tape in a safe deposit box in Atlanta. He said a copy of the tape was sent to his Washington attorney, who turned it over to federal investigators.

Young has said the tape shows Edwards and a woman he believes to be the two-time presidential candidate's mistress, Rielle Hunter. Federal investigators have been looking into the money that exchanged hands during Edwards' second White House campaign. He has denied breaking campaign finance laws.

A judge has ordered Young to turn over all copies of the tape.