Friday, August 21, 2009

The Erin Andrews Effect

Over the last few months, I have been posting infrequently on this blog. I've been taking summer a little easier. Also, I hadn't been checking the tracker that keeps the count of visitors to my blog. Recently, after posting an item about Billy Mays and Steve McNair, I looked at the sitetracker and saw that my blog had a huge spike in "viewers" through July and early August. Previously, the highest number of people stopping by my blog had been 545 in October of 2008, leading into the election.

In July, last month, 3,225 people visited my site. This month, 955 have already clicked on.

The reason?

In August of 2008, I posted a few thoughts about female sports reporters in locker-rooms covering sports and included a photo of Erin Andrews. I took the photo from a Google image search. I see that whenever an image is linked to a blog, that link is referenced on websites if an image gets used. So, in July, when the story broke about Erin Andrews being videotaped nude in her hotel room and people were looking all over the internet for photos, the thousands that came to my website probably were looking for the nudie pics.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More lunacy from the right.

It's one thing to be "out there" but at least be informed. As has been stated many times, illegal immigrants will not have coverage. I have never seen so much misinformation on one issue have such a hold on so many people. When you have people who resort to yelling Hitler's name at meetings, that should give an indication of the level of intelligence and media literacy of some of the people that are present.

Furthermore, Barack Obama has been President less than nine months! Where were the cries of over-spending when Bush was in power and we were blowing money on rebuilding Iraq? This woman states her husband is working two jobs and doesn't have health care. She is arguing against reform that would help her husband. Ugh!

About time!

These town hall forums on health care been out of control for too long. Democrats have been taking punch after punch from these loonies who show up packing loaded guns, shouting insults, and bringing Nazi-themed signs. When will it stop? Finally, at least someone had the guts to stand up to one of these crazies...and it was Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Real World

An interesting moral dilemma has crept up in the world. Former Tennessee Titan quarterback Steve McNair was shot dead in a murder-suicide by the the woman he was having an extramarital affair with. The Titans plan on honoring McNair by retiring his number. McNair was married with children. I wonder how many Titan fans truly feel that retiring McNair's number is a good thing considering the way his life ended.

Can you imagine how McNair's family feels?...especially his wife and kids?

Billy Mays died a couple days after Michael Jackson passed away. Originally, it was reported that Mays died of heart disease. Shortly after he passed, it was announced that commercials with Billy Mays and his booming voice and hand gestures would continue to run. Now that it has been revealed that his use of coccaine contributed to his heart disease, I wonder if his spots will continue to dominate commercial time.