Friday, October 31, 2008

Gasping sound

Do you hear that? That wheezing. The gasping. That's the sound of John McCain's Presidential campaign struggling for life.

This Saturday night, John McCain will be on Saturday Night Live.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winners and Losers

The Winner of the Week goes to country music superstar Tim McGraw. Tim threw out the first pitch for Game 3 of the World Series a few days back. Tim's late father, Tug McGraw was a star pitcher on the last Phillies squad to win it all. Tim took some of his Dad's ashed and spread them on the mound mound. What an interesting and touching way to honor Dad.

I remember I used to have several baseball cards from that 1980 Phillies team, including Tug McGraw.

Loser(s) of the Week
Joe the Plumber. I am so tired of this clown. As we all know by now, he owes back taxes and isn't a licensed plumber. He now has a "publicity team" from Nashville on payroll. Supposedly, a book deal is in the works.

Sarah Palin.
Read this short little portion of a recent A.P. article about the Governor.

Palin says Obama infomercial short on specifics
ERIE, Pa. – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Thursday that Democrat Barack Obama offered few national security specifics in the infomercial he broadcast the night before, accusing him of trying to "soften the focus" in the campaign's final days.

*******Back to my commentary.
PALIN is accusing Obama of being short on specifics?????!!!!!!!!! Wait, the same Sarah Palin who couldn't name a magazine or newspaper she's read? The same Sarah Palin who couldn't name a Supreme Court case to Katie Couric? The same Sarah Palin who still doesn't know the role of the Vice President?

I can't wait for this election to be over so the governor can go back to moosehunting.

Father John Corapi.

Father Corapi is a guy who has fallen on shaky ground with me. I used to like this guy tremendously because he is charismatic and is a breath of fresh air among the traditional and stiff fraternity of Catholic priests. Father Corapi is on the Catholic cable channel EWTN every Saturday night at 10 p.m. He sounds like Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

Anyway, the reason why Father Corapi is a Loser of the Week is for an e-mail sent to my Mom by him. It wasn't personally from him although it very well could have been. My Mom got on his e-mail address list when she ordered a cd from his website awhile ago. Today, my Mom said she got an e-mail from Father Corapi asking her to make the right choice and vote for the pro-life candidate in this election, John McCain. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The abortion issue to my Mom, who is in retirement age but still works, has no relevance. Also, it incenses me that a priest is coming out and endorsing a candidate and pushing that on people. Keep in mind that with a conservative in the White House the last eight years, the number of abortions hasn't gone down. Also, the conservative currently in the White House, put to death quite a few folks when he was governor of Texas. So much for being pro-life.

There are a lot more issues to this election than just Roe v. Wade.


The reports from the McCain camp get more mysterious by the day. There have been reports from McCain aides calling Sarah Palin a "whack job" and a "diva." Do you get the feeling that the unnamed McCain aides are starting to work on the post-election spin already.

And then comes the article below about Sarah Palin saying she wants to run in the 2012 election. That's an interesting statement considering this election is not over yet and also, it sounds like she's assuming that McCain is done and she is already focusing on making her own name known down the road. Wait...isn't this the same person who criticized Barack Obama for "measuring the drapes" for the White House? Nice early concession speech, Sarah.

Here's the article off Yahoo News.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin hinted in an interview with ABC News to be broadcast Thursday that she will remain a key player in US politics regardless of who gets elected president next week, and may even run in the 2012 election.

A transcript of the interview was made public late Wednesday.

"I'm not doing this for naught," Palin said, when asked if all the mudslinging in the current campaign made her long for a return to the politics of Alaska, where she is governor.

"I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we've taken, that would bring this whole" endeavor to nothing, she said.

Funny sports moment

It's not often that we see a funny side in the serious world of sports competition. In the season opener for the San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns, the Spurs intentionally fouled Suns center Shaquille O'Neal 5 seconds into the game. Intentionally fouling Shaq has become known as the "Hack-a-Shaq" strategy as teams foul the big man late in the game, knowing that he is a poor foul shooter. Watch Shaq's reaction in the clip. Very funny stuff.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The "L" word

According to Yahoo News and their "electoral map," Barack Obama would win with 355 electoral votes to 156 for John McCain. This would be a landslide.

While the idea of an Obama win is a good thing, the premature idea that an Obama landslide is possible is not good. To me, I don't want people to think that this is a done deal. It is not. We all need to get out and vote and finish this.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hometown Pride

I haven't lived in Massillon for an extended length of time for several years. However, I still feel a lot of pride when the Massillon Tigers beat their rivals, the Canton McKinley Bulldogs. Massillon needed a win to get into the playoffs. The Tigers won, 17-0. Pictured above are the Tigers with the victory bell. Thanks to the Massillon Independent for this photo.

Massillon hasn't won a state championship since 1970. They haven't been to a state title game in over 25 years. Massillon is itching for a state title. I hope to see the Tigers win a state title in my lifetime. This year's playoff hunt starts this weekend with a road playoff game at North Canton Hoover. GO TIGERS!

Fellow readers, relating your hometown, what are some things that you are especially proud of?

Friday, October 24, 2008


Hearing about Barack Obama seeing his seriously ill grandma and her influence on him got me to thinking about the grandma on my Dad's side, Agnes Strukel.

Growing up in Massillon, once a month, my family would drive either early Saturday or Sunday to Warren, Ohio to see Grandma. On the way there, we would always listen to polka shows on staticky AM radio.

Some background on Grandma Strukel. She spoke broken English but well enough to understand. For example, for my birthday, she would say, "Happy Bird-day!" instead of Happy Birthday. I looked forward to hearing that every year. I still use that "happy bird-day" everytime I wish my Mom or Dad a happy birthday on their day. When I was younger, I remember Grandma always saying, "You're breakin' my're breakin' my bones" when I would hug her.

Grandma Strukel worked I believe 40 years (at least) for Packard Electric in Warren. After retiring from Packard Electric, she then worked for the local Catholic church, cleaning pews and other parts of the building.

She was what we would say is "old country." Very ethnic. Very religious. Very good work ethic.

Regarding her ethnicity, when we would visit her, she would give us these long rolls of aluminum foil wrapped nut bread called potica or patitsa. I never cared for it but Grandma was so happy and proud to give us those homemade treats. She always gave me and my brother money too. When she got to be in her older years, the local priest would visit and give her Communion.

Going into my senior year at BG, Grandma passed away. When our family went to the funeral, the priest who went to her apartment so many times to give her Communion, presided over the funeral. Father Spiszak talked about how when he would go visit Agnes, she would talk so much about her grandsons (me and my older brother Dan). The priest said she was always so proud of her grandsons. That has always stayed with me.

What fond memories do you have of your grandma?

Winners and Losers of the Week

Winner of the Week: My Mom
Sure, this is an inside job. My birthday was this past Wednesday and my Mom's birthday is the day after mine on the 23rd. My Mom is an incredible woman who has battled through some tough times. She has been there every step of the way for me.

My Mom recently retired from her job as the assistant to the Dean at the University of Akron. She spent the last 22 years at the U of Akron. Now, my Mom is working at a dentist's office in Massillon. Also, on my birthday, she called me to tell me that the day before the election, she has volunteered to spend four hours making phone calls for the Obama campaign. It is this kind of willingness from people that is giving Obama the huge surge now.

Loser of the Week: Sarah Palin.

Can it get any worse for the Republicans and McCain's pick for v-p? The bipartisan probe into her decicions as governor and the state patrol found that she acted unethically. Next, news came out that she spent $150,000 on clothing from some of the finest stores in the country.

Today, in an attempt to do "damage control", here is what the Associated Press is reporting, "That whole thing is just, bad!" she said. "Oh, if people only knew how frugal we are."

News of the purchases of designer clothes, largely from upscale Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, contrasts with the image Palin has crafted as a typical "hockey mom."


Again, hypocrisy at its best with the Republicans. This is the same party that blasted John Edwards for getting an expensive haircut.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keep it up.

If you watch Larry King or Hardball with Chris Matthews, the smiling woman pictured above should be familiar. She looks like this all the time.

Here's what Representative Bachman did.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann says she regrets using the term "anti-American" while discussing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's views, a remark that could threaten her re-election bid.
Bachmann told the St. Cloud Times on Tuesday that she "made a big mistake" by going on MSNBC's "Hardball," a show she said she'd never seen before her appearance last week. Her statement to host Chris Matthews that Obama "may have anti-American views" drew condemnation and helped her opponent, Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg, raise more than $1 million in just a few days.
During an interview with the Times' editorial board, Bachmann said she walked into a trap and did not bring up the term "anti-American." Still, she said, "I should not have used that phrase."
Earlier in the day, Bachmann told St. Cloud Rotary Club members she would like to "take back" the statement.
"I did not say that Barack Obama was anti-American, nor do I believe Barack Obama is anti-American. He loves his country, just as everyone in this room does," she told the crowd. "Nor did I call for an investigation of members of Congress for their pro-American or anti-American views. That is not what I said."
*****Just watch the first minute of this clip. How do you interpret her remarks?

So, Mrs. Bachman, what EXACTLY did you mean or say if you didn't say that Barack Obama is "anti-American"? What a classless move by someone who needs to be voted out.

Oh, wait a minute, the Republicans are all about campaigning on the issues. That's right. Sure.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Republicans keep grasping.

As the days wind down before the election, GOP supporters are grasping at straws to try to slow down the Obama Express.

At first, they claimed that Obama "palls around with terrorists." They have no proof. That didn't stick.

Then it became, "he's a socialist. He wants to 'spread the wealth." No proof there either.

Furthermore, John McCain needs to look at several aspects of our own society that operate on socialist principles. Our public education system in Ohio is messed up because it was ruled a long time ago that the funding system is not fair. The goal is to make all districts funded more equally. Gee, that sounds very, dare I say, SOCIALIST?!

Major League Baseball has this thing called "revenue sharing" where the teams that don't do as well as say the Yankees, still get some money. Oh, please stop. That sounds socialist as well. It can't be BUT it is. Blog reader Chris Hyser is one of the biggest baseball fans I know. I am curious about his thoughts on this socialist perspective and baseball. Chris, please throw in your two cents.

Back to my main point...over the weekend Colin Powell announced his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama. Powell mentioned listed several things wrong with the GOP ticket that helped him make up his mind. Among the issues he cited are: the Palin selection, the response of the economic crisis, and the negative campaign.

How are McCain's supporters responding? Today, Rush Limbaugh said that the endorsement was all about race. Maybe Rush watched part of Powell's appearance on Meet the Press because host Tom Brokaw brought the race issue up to Powell and he said that if his endorsement was indeed and only about race, he would have endorsed Obama a long time ago.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winners and Losers of the week

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this but here it goes.

Winners of the week.
Barack Obama. Obama gets this for his debate performance on Wednesday. As he was constantly attacked by Senator McCain, Obama didn't stoop to McCain's level and retaliate. Obama could have hammered McCain and especially his running mate, Sarah Palin.

Losers of the Week
John McCain. How crazy is it that McCain gets on the Democrats for giving a Joe the Plumber a hard time. Who brought him up in the debate? Yep, John McCain. John, stop asking Americans to give Joe a break and respect his privacy when you call the guy and ask people to e-mail him.

Joe the Plumber. Stop saying you have nothing to do with America when you owe back taxes and get on Mike Huckabee's show on Fox News Channel. That's extremely hypocritical.

What sticks?

In the McCain campaign's desparate attempt to slow down Barack Obama's momentum, the last couple of weeks have been brutal in terms of the negative campaigning. The namecalling and attacks keep flying in hopes that something will stick.

Three weekends ago, Sarah Palin accused Obama of "palling around with terrorists." Keep in mind that McCain camp hasn't produced one shred of evidence to support this claim. Obama refuted that in the debate. This week, McCain supporters sent out "Robo" calls in several battleground states saying that Obama "worked closely with terrorists." The automated calls are so bad that Democrat and REPUBLICAN lawmakers are demanding that McCain stop the calls.

Now, today, George Voinovich and McCain are calling Obama a "socialist."

So much for running a clean campaign, free of negativity, huh, John?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More media lunacy

Racing hissing cockroaches, NCAA brackets, and barebecue surveys have been done to try to "determine" who is more popular, McCain or Obama. Here's one from Cleveland.

CLEVELAND -- Exclusive new poll results are in from Cleveland on the upcoming Presidential race are in.

But the margin of error is plus or minus a few dozen bobbleheads.

Saturday night, children up to 17 years old lined up to vote for their favorite candidate at the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game.

There were 2,500 bobbleheads each of Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain clad in Monsters jerseys. Children picked their favorite bobblehead, but some parents admitted they influenced the voting.

Barb Mausar of Willowick stood next to her daughter, niece and nephew who all collected Obama bobbleheads and smiled. "They had better listen," Mausar said with a laugh, "or else they are not getting a ride home or dollar hot dog night."

When the bobbleheads were tallied, even McCain's hockey mom running mate couldn't help him.

The final numbers of the bobbleheads given away: Obama 59 percent, McCain 41 percent.

Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain's tongue

So, one of my closes friends told me about this photo of John McCain that was taken at the end of the third debate. I hadn't seen it. Then I heard people talking about it on the radio. So, I began to search for it. I did an image search using the words "McCain tongue" and I got plenty of strange photos of the GOP candidate. But at least, I found success in the final picture!

Also, rumor has it that Sarah Palin will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend. In a campaign where the Republicans have been the butt of plenty of jokes, I don't think this will be a positive thing for Palin.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final debate critique

Tonight's debate was by far, the most entertaining and direct debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. The format encouraged more direct contact between the two candidates.

First off, Bob Schiefer did a much better job at managing this one than Tom Brokaw did on debate #2.

My observations:
McCain was clearly the aggressor as he launched several attacks on Obama. However, I thought Obama defended himself quite well.

Was it just me or did John McCain just drift away from the point a couple of times?
Exhibit A
The point about negative campaigns...McCain flat out lied after Obama brought up the nuts at the Palin rallies that yell out "terrorist," "kill him", and "treason." Palin did not "repubiate" those who yelled out those extremely wrong statements like "kill him." And then McCain got really bitter and started talking about veterans being at his rallies and wearing ballcaps with their naval carriers on them. Obama said nothing about the veterans at rallies.

Exhibit B
On the negative words being said about each other...Obama said that he wanted to get away from the negative attacks and smears and that the American people want to talk about the issues. Then, McCain went on for at least a minute more about the whole ACORN issue and William Ayers, EVEN THOUGH Obama just explained his position on it. Anyway, after McCain got done ranting again about ACORN and Ayers, he then said that his campaign is all about dealing with the issues like the economy.

Exhibit C
I don't remember the question/answer but in the middle of his statement, McCain, out of nowhere brought up children with autism. And at the time he brought it up, it had absolutely nothing to do with the original question.

I thought a really strong point made by Obama was when he said that negative attacks are more of a reflection on John McCain's campaign than they are on him (Obama).

Oh, and could John McCain please stop bringing up the fact that Barack Obama is "eloquent"????? Come on, John. John acts like we should be amazed that Obama can speak well.

Final note:
Joe the Plumber is here in Toledo. My close friends up here had their bathtub looked at by Joe.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More pics of fall

The trees around my apartment complex are really beautiful. We are so lucky to see Mother Nature's paintbrush at work.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Winners of the Week

A huge collective winners of the week also goes to the University of Toledo Rocket football team for going to the Big House and knocking off Michigan 13-10. Michigan had a perfect record against the Mid-American Conference going into this game, 24-0. Not anymore! Go U-T!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Winners and Losers for the week

John McCain gets the nomination for Winner of the Week for straightening out his own followers who are so gullible that they have been accepting all of the negative campaign rhetoric from his camp as gospel truth. Either the McCain camp or the powerful right wing media continue to put out there that Barack Obama has terrorist ties. They say his middle name of "Hussein" to drive home the negativity.

Can you believe the woman in red who said Obama is an Arab?

The reason I give McCain props is because he actually said Obama is a decent man. He could have taken those ignorant cracks of "being scared" of an Obama presidency and being "an Arab" but McCain did an honorable thing and praised his opponent.

Now, John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, deserves the Loser of the Week for floating out there that Barack Obama has been "palling around with terrorists." Be careful, Sarah, this crack might come back to haunt you, especially if you cannot prove an accusation like this.

In the meantime, John McCain has already gone on record as saying he will bring up Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers at the next debate. Folks, be ready, because there are plenty of skeletons in the other closet as well. Wednesday's third and final Presidential debate could get crazy.

Images of Fall

The beauty of autumn can be easily seen around Ohio. Pictured above is a tree on the front lawn of University Hall of the University of Toledo. Below is a photo of University Hall on the campus of Bowling Green State University.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debate #2 critique

Watching this debate, my friends, I had the feeling, my friends, as probably many others had, that the debate had no direction or flow. It was disjointed, my friends. The candidates even weren't sure who was going to answer, what turn was coming up, etc. And I think Tom Brokaw was a little too involved. If this is a true Town Forum, my friends, let the people ask the questions.

I was surprised that Barack Obama referenced 9-11 but in a critical remark of George Bush who, as Obama told us, my friends, to go shopping after one of our nation's worst days.

While John McCain, my friends, seemed more personable than in the first debate where he would not look at Obama, this time, he hit a low in calling Obama "that one." My friends, if people played any kind of drinking game anytime McCain said "my friends," no one would have survived the first hour.

Overall, I don't think either candidate scored a knockout. It's interesting that for all of the terrorist-connection accusations being made against Obama, that it wasn't brought up last night.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama v. McCain round two

Ok, so A LOT of people had fun doing drinking games or some other activity relating to Governor Palin's answers.

How about Tuesday night's debate between Obama and McCain?

Any predictions?

Considering how UGLY things have gotten recently, I expect McCain to come out swinging with a "terrorist" reference and he might possibly play the September 11th card by the ten minute mark into the debate.

Pics of Toledo

Pictured above is the inside of the new and improved Memorial Field House on the campus of the University of Toledo. The former home of baseketball games and concerts is now home to state of the art classrooms and open gathering spaces. As you can tell by the photo below, the building features plenty of natural light.
Pictured below is a look at the bell tower of University Hall.
Saturday's Homecoming Parade was my first. It was fun to watch. I was impressed how long it was. Below is the best float from the parade. It featured an Elvis statue and was playing Elvis' music. Very cool. It's pretty cool that students are getting to use this kind of equipment. The studio is in the process of being converted over to high definition.
Also, this weekend, we showed off our facilities in Rocket Hall as the Communication Department dedicated its new wing. Pictured below are two of the television broadcast sets.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Funny wording.

Ok, I know this was unintentional. At least I hope so. But the funny wording in this column from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the vice presidential debate got me to laugh for obvious reasons.

"Disciplined, he (Joe Biden) defended Obama from attacks, but refused to engage Palin in a tit-for-tat exchange."

TIT for tat?

Winners and Losers for the week

Winner: Joe Biden
Lost in the shuffle of the Sarah Palin hysteria was Joe Biden's performance Thursday night. While people were expecting Palin to fumble like she did in her Katie Couric interviews and were disappointed that she didn't, Joe Biden talked specifically about the issues. Senator Biden did not dance around the issues. When asked about rights/benefits for gays, Biden addressed the issue and didn't spend his entire time talking about gay marriage. When asked issues like "which is worse...Pakistan or Iran?", Biden talked about those two countries. He didn't drift and talk about other countries like Palin did.

Biden has gotten little notice for the moment where he choked up when talking about losing his wife and notice to single parent families. Single parent families are very common in today's society. Following that, Governor Palin said she has an "average American family." Really? I don't know of many large families where the husband works on an oil rig. The wife is a former beauty queen, sportscaster, and governor. A son is off to Iraq. A 17 year old daughter is pregnant. It doesn't sound like an "average" family to me. When has Palin ever said she has identified with those who have lost jobs, lost a house or had someone denied health care coverage?

Oh, by the way, Conservatives who claim Palin won the debate are basing their reasoning on Palin not fumbling and her "folksy" style of talking. While she said, "you betcha," "There ya go again," and used the phrases "maverick" and "reformer" several times, her answers lacked content. Period. Many of the major cable network news channels are replaying the v-p debate tonight and Biden hit it on the head when discussing the "maverick" label, when has Palin and/or McCain said how different they are from President George Bush?

More Winners of the Week
Check this story out about the Hiram College football team. This is from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Tipoff: Hiram team shows signs of kindness; Homer tussles with voting process
by Michael K. McIntyre/Plain Dealer
Friday October 03, 2008, 7:53 PM
The Hiram College Terriers football team had lost its last 26 games heading into its season opener against Gallaudet University last month. That's almost three full years of losses.

So during practice, Coach Bob Wolfe took time out from blocking and tackling drills to teach his players some new moves. Specifically, how to say "Nice game" and "Good job" using American Sign Language.

Gallaudet is a school for the deaf and hearing-impaired.

Gallaudet coach Ed Hottle, who is not hearing-impaired and learned sign language after he was hired in 2005, was blown away by the sight of Hiram's players using sign language during the post-game handshake, writing a letter of praise that Hiram President Tom Chema distributed campuswide.

"For the last four seasons I have been the head coach at Gallaudet, we have played some 40-plus games and Hiram College was the first school that has made any effort to communicate with our players following the game," wrote Hottle. "Coach Wolfe and his staff are to be applauded for taking time out of the precious few hours we have to coach the game and teaching these young men some true life skills. . . . For me, personally, it was wonderful to see."

Fittingly, Hiram won that day, 20-14, in overtime. And they took their next game against Kenyon.

The winning streak ended last week with a loss to Carnegie Mellon, but after the Gallaudet game, the Terriers will always be winners.

Loser of the week: O-J Simpson

It's about time. Talk about unlucky. This news is from Las Vegas, Nevada.

From the Associated Press: "O-J Simpson was convicted of an armed robbery that happened on Sept. 13 and was found guilty on the 13th anniversary of his Los Angeles murder acquittal. The Las Vegas jury deliberated for 13 hours after a 13-day trial."

Hopefully, this is "good-bye" for the Juice.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Right (field) response

I know you won't believe this but I like to listen to Rush Limbaugh on days like today because I wonder how he can spin things and hear what the other side is saying. Sure enough, he was his typical self.

He labeled Katie Couric's easy questions as "gotcha journalism." I know, being asked what newspapers and magazines she has read is such a tough one. Rush, how should the debate prep team have had her answer that one?

As is typical for Rush, when there's nothing (good) to say about the home team of McCain/Palin, he attacks the opposition. He hammered away about Barack's health care plan and other proposals. Also, Rush spent time promoting this new movie coming out called An American Carol with a guy who plays Michael Moore. Limbaugh was saying that this movie is "hilarious" and that Hollywood won't embrace it because the movie is made by conservatives. Hey, Rush, no one will see it because no one really wants to see a movie or a spoof of a movie about Michael Moore. Is Michael Moore up Conservatives' skin that much that they have to make a movie about him? If so, props to Michael Moore.

Anyway, back to last night's debate. Many critics and experts are noting how Biden wasn't condescending towards Palin and that was good. So, was it ok for Palin to be condescending? Do you remember the time where Palin said she wasn't going to answer the questions the way Joe Biden or Gwen Ifill liked? It would have been nice if she would have just answered the questions period. And again, people are praising Palin for being "folksy" and speaking to common people (hockey moms). Nevermind what Joe Biden said about being a single parent.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

V-P debate reaction

Tomorrow, if you tune into any conservative talk show, the right will be overly ecstatic with Sarah (looking down at my 3x5 notecards) Palin for not committing any major flubs.

But...(looking down at my 3x5 notecards) Palin didn't answer many questions. By 9:08, Palin got in her patented "reformer" and "maverick" references.

Near the end of the debate, thankfully, Joe Biden hammered Palin on the "maverick" perception of John McCain.

(looking down at my 3x5 notecards) When you think about it, did she give a straight answer about climate change, rights for same sex couples, Pakistan/Iran, and differences between her and McCain????

And (looking down at my 3x5 notecards) how can Palin blast Obama/Biden for wanting to use diplomacy with foreign countries when she herself said that diplomacy is important???????

One very strong point by Biden that should be talked about is his crediting single parents in his background. I take issue with Governor Palin saying that she has the "average American family." Really? Five kids. One is pregnant at the of 17. Dad works on an oil rig and is a world champion snow mobiler. Mom is a politician. Son off to Iraq. Did you hear Palin mention any of the personal heartbreak in her family background that Biden alluded to? Biden referenced job struggles in his family. Can Palin relate to that?

Oh, and finally, (looking down at my 3x5 notecards), Sarah, stop looking at your notecards.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I cannot make this stuff up! Read what Karl Rove's spin is on Palin's poor interview with Katie Couric. Are you kidding me? Not being able to list any newspapers or magazines you've read or list any Supreme Court cases is a result of being "over-prepared"?! HOW!

Me, being a teacher, I haven't encountered a student that turned in a test that failed miserably and the student said they were "over-prepared." Come on.

Hannity And Rove Spin Palin's Interviews: She Was Over-prepared
At the end of a special weekend Hannity & Colmes last night (9/27/08) devoted to spinning discussing the presidential candidates' debate the night before, the panel took a look forward to the vice presidential debate with Joe Biden and Sarah Palin next week. Sean Hannity insisted that having spent a lot of time with Sarah Palin, he knew for sure that she's got policy mojo and opined, as per a suggestion from panelist Karl Rove, that Palin's recent interview disasters had been caused by – get this: over-preparation. With video.

Rove said, “The real question on this debate is gonna be, from Palin's perspective, is Palin gonna go out there and are we gonna see the woman that we saw in Dayton, Ohio and at the Convention and, you know, comfortable in herself, or are they gonna have over-prepped her, stuffed too much information in her mind and made her a little uncomfortable? Because she's really good when... just talking with people.”

Provide a caption

The McCain campaign has released this photo of Sarah Palin practicing outside for her debate.

I am asking you, readers of this blog, to provide a funny caption. Go for it!

Oh, and for good measure, hopefully this "ambush journalism" question doesn't come up tomorrow night...