Monday, April 23, 2007

Your news source?

Where do you get your news? Internet (and specifically where on the internet)? TV? Newspaper? Radio? Or do you have another source for current events?

Do you really care about current events? Why or why not? How important is news in your life?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Video produced by Excel TECC seniors.

The video below was produced by my senior EXCEL TECC class. The assignment came from my supeintendent, Mr. Russ Bennett. Mr. Bennett proposed that my class produce a public relations video that highlights the achievements and great things going on in the Aurora City Schools. This video was fun to do because the staff in the separate buildings is always so cooperative.

The narration in the video was done by Mr. Rob Albrecht. He teaches English and is the faculty advisor for the drama club at Aurora.

Monday, April 9, 2007


Welcome to my blog! A little about myself. I am a media junkie. I watch the news everyday. I read six newspapers a day (three of those are online). I also listen to quite a bit of radio to and from work. I worked in radio and tv for 11 years before I left to go into education, which I really love. Where did I work? Here's a list of my stops. In radio, there was WNCG FM in Clyde, Ohio, WQKT FM and WKVX AM in Wooster, WHBC AM and FM in Canton, WJER AM and FM in Dover, and WCER AM in Canton. On the tv side, I worked for four years at WAKC TV 23 in Akron as a news/sports producer.

I want to use this blog as an educational tool for the classes that I teach at Aurora High School in lovely Aurora, Ohio. I teach three classes. The first period class is an elective of just Aurora students. The second class is three periods long and consists of junior students from different schools. And the last class I teach is made up of senior students from different schools. I see the senior consortium students twice a week in class and the rest of the week, they work at internships.
Working with students is great because I see the hunger to be successful. I get so much enjoyment in seeing projects go from storyboard to final export to a dvd.
In the photo above, that's Cleveland Cavaliers legend Mark Price on the left. I interviewed him when he was being honored as part of the Cavs' 35th anniversary team. I'll upload more photos of my past in future posts.